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My name is Brandon Payton, and I'm just a regular guy that lives in Milwaukee's 6th Aldermatic District. I'm a father, a husband, and I work multiple jobs just to keep a roof over our heads. I'm not some legacy politician. I live in a place where your ZIP code determines your destiny, and I've spent my whole life fighting to break out of that cycle.

I am a Marshall alumni and a former MATC student but I never finished my degree. I had dreams of a better life, but reality kept kicking me in the teeth. I've worked retail by day, spun records by night, and pulled security shifts to make ends meet. I've learned what it means to live paycheck to paycheck, to worry about putting food on the table, and to wonder if there's more to life than this relentless grind.

I know that most public officials have no idea or have forgotten what it's really like to be working class. They don't understand the constant pressure, the sleepless nights, the soul-crushing stress of trying to build a decent life while the odds are stacked against you. But I do. Because I've lived it. Every single day.

That's why I'm running for Alderman. I'm not some career politician with a slick campaign and a long list of connections. I'm a man of the community, someone who understands what makes this place special and what it needs to thrive. I don't just represent District 6 on paper – I live it every day.

We deserve a champion who gets it. Someone who hasn't forgotten what it's like to struggle, to dream big despite the odds, to fight for every inch of progress. That's why I'm asking for your support. Because together, we can shake things up and make real change happen in District 6 and throughout the city.

It won't be easy. But nothing worth fighting for ever is. This campaign is not about me – it's about all of us. It's about proving that a regular guy from the 6 can make a difference, that your ZIP code doesn't have to determine your destiny, and that the working class finally has a seat at the table.

Non-partisan candidate, stepping forward to serve our vibrant community on the City Council. My journey here has been shaped by my professional experience as a Sales Manager and my deep commitment to making our district a better place for everyone.

My career in sales management, where I've honed skills in budget creation, team leadership, and strategic planning, has prepared me to tackle the challenges facing our district. I've spearheaded initiatives like the 500 Black Man March against violence, participated in community cleanups, and supported food and gift giveaways, demonstrating my commitment to our community's wellbeing. A personal milestone was participating in a road trip to Madison, advocating for motorcycle awareness and successfully petitioning to have May deemed Motorcycle Awareness Month. These experiences underscore my dedication to safety and community advocacy.

On a lighter note, I'm a proud father of four, raising my children with my wife Serita, my best friend of 22 years. My artistic talents – singing, dancing, and drawing – add a fun dimension to my life and reflect my belief in the power of creativity. Milwaukee District 6, I am ready to bring my experience, passion, and vision to the City Council. Together, we can build a community that thrives on inclusivity, safety, and cultural richness. Let's make our district a beacon of progress and unity.

Committee to Elect Brandon Payton
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